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Nationally acclaimed psychic Theo Kostaridis spoke to classes of Tri-State residents about the art of handwriting analysis, Saturday.

“Handwriting analysis is about self-awareness and understanding you and knowing there is a level of you you haven’t discovered yet,” Kostaridis explained.

He set up shop at the New Horizons office off South 8th Street on the second floor. In front of a group of 15, he preached about cursive handwriting as a dying art as more schools stop teaching the style.

“I think I am me and different from everyone else. It’s not about me doing readings, it’s about me sharing and telling people they have a gift if they tap into it,” Kostaridis said.

He says a person’s handwriting can suggest health issues, behavioral habits, and self-doubt.

“A lot of legal teams use it in court cases to try and solve who the suspect is or if someone is a suspect they will analyze their handwriting because again there are nervous ticks, things you write you are not consciously aware of that you are giving away.”


Local legends tell of a country road in the Tri-States where spirits still roam free. Monday night at 10, Rajah Maples-Khqa explores the road with a 6-generation psychic and medium to channel the ghostly activity.

KHQA Event Interview 10/26/2015 

Nationally acclaimed psychic Theo Kostaridis stops in for a Halloween Event for Tri-State residents on October 28, 2015. News Anchor Rajah Maples interviews Theo on his first stop and Event in Quincy, IL.


AUGUST 4, 2019
A Gang of Girls Radio – SPIRIT GUIDES & ANGELS
Psychic Theo will joins Auriel Grace for one of their favorite topics! What are Spirit Guides and Angels.  Theo will be talking about how to connect to your spirit guides and angels. Theo answered questions about spirit guides and angels!

FACEBOOK LIVE READINGS EVENT with A Gang of Girls Radio Psychic Theo Kostaridis 09/16/2018 

Theo Kostaridis joins Auriel Grace for an anniversary show for the fall.  Auriel Grace welcomed Theo for another great show. Theo did 1 question readings on the air!

A Gang of Girls Radio Psychic Theo Kostaridis 02/25/2018

Theo Kostaridis interviewed by Host Auriel Grace. Auriel Grace welcomed Theo for another great show. Theo did 1 question readings on the air!


FATE MAGAZINE — FATE Radio Hosted By Todd Bates from Fate Magazine Headquarters, Interviews Greek Psychic Medium Theo about What is a Medium? Theo also delivers some audience members readings on air.

A Gang of Girls Radio  02/20/2017

Hosted By Auriel Grace…
What is a Goo? What is a Cootie? What are energetic Vampires? Can setting boudaries with loved ones, employers, employees . . Can they be beneficial for you life? Let’s find out! Special guest, Psychic Theo returns for another great show!  We will be speaking about spiritual hygiene! What you can do to keep your aura, your home and family clear of unwanted energies! Find out How Theo Clears his aura and more.

A Gang of Girls Radio 02/16/2015
Theo’s first interview in Naperville, IL

Blogtalk Radio’s SuperNaturalGirlz 01/29/2015 
interviewed Theo and together they did some free readings!


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Talk to Focus on Developing, Using Energies by Abby Doyle:
“The seminars are educational and fun,” Kostaridis said. “We cover a lot of territory, and I’m bringing in a different element with Cary (Weldy), who will be focusing on different energy techniques that complement what I’m doing.” Kostaridis will share how he developed his own psychic abilities, tools for people to develop their own skills or how to help parents who may recognize those abilities in their children…read more…

Sixth generation psychic medium with a long family ancestry of intuitives.

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