A life that is all about death is no life at all” — from the Film “Hereafter

What is Death?

by Theo — Greek Psychic Medium

To some it’s the end. For some a catalyst. For others a transition. For the remaining the new beginning. We all grieve when this happens. Some a short bit, they have to be the strong ones to pull others through. For most grieving can last up to or even over 7 years. It never stops, time just makes it easier to cope. Physical Death is just the vehicle our souls are traveling in ends. The soul lives on..we become the energy that surrounds us, we return to source and become one once again. We are infinite, just like the universe, do we really disappear? Many see the stars as our ancestors… until modern day, many tribal civilizations had that very belief.  

The Ancients believed that the soul essence, once left the body and traveled to the ethers and joined all others before them that were the stars. They looked skyward in prayers and communication with them. In today’s society we talk to pictures, or travel to the graves and talk and look at the tombstones. The spirits are not generally in the cemeteries, they are everywhere and anywhere they choose to be. You can talk to them in the car and they would be in the seat next or behind you. Most cannot see them, Most can feel their energy.

This brings into play the talk of reincarnation. When a soul passes, it goes thru a orientation process or a decompression (judgement day) to enter its events and times in their own book of life and tell what the experiences in the physical form were, good, bad, indifferent, and informative. Then to see what karma cycle was completed or started with other souls around them. This has been shown to me as entering a college and exploring the campus. Some souls choose to return right away, others will wait years, eons, or even centuries. There are no specifics on time frames. Time is a man made element. Spirit sees times as past, present, and future as one, at the same time.  While others may explore other universes and planets, yet others choose to stay in spirit as energy beings helping others.

The transition that death creates begins a new chapter of life for those left here in the physical and those that return home to start another journey. Whichever the case may be, it is a cycle of the ALL (the higher power). We are all one and one in the same, living experiences as individuals and a quest for the greater good of our souls. The journey has ups, downs, highs, and lows, but it gives us the whole wheel of lessons we are to learn. We can choose to embrace this as difficult as a loss may be or pick up and continue to forge ahead as proof that the loss we suffer gives strength to make it on with their blessings and the memories of how they held our hands leading us home. They just happened to let go and race on ahead, before of us…..

(article previously published in print and © 2005)

Walking On The Spiritual Path

“In Heaven, learning is seeing: on Earth, it is remembering. Happy is he who has gone through the Mysteries: he knows the source and the end of life.” — Pindar

     When one decides to follow their purpose in the psychic / metaphysical field, many reasons as to why and how must be examined.  Even for those who have been into psychic work for years hopefully realize they, like the rest of the world, have limitations that they must adhere to. There are certain universal truths, certain universal laws that we all must accept and make a part of our lives.

     We must first realize: Why we are here? Why the creator has given us this “gift”? To know that there is a reason beyond personal gain; beyond gratification of ego…but to really help others on the same path…or even different paths, who are searching for answers outside themselves as well as inside themselves.

     We are all One. We are all a part of God. With his guidance always — we begin. Our  first lesson MUST be to learn discrimination. We must learn what is truth, what is false, and what our truth is. This should be true for everyone. A good start is to simply read, read, read everything you can get your hands on in the spiritual, metaphysical fields. What does not feel like truth to you, that which does not feel correct…simply put it on the “back burner” as information learned, not discarded but “stored” for now. We will often find that information makes more sense later on down the road.  Do try and keep current on all that is out there, all the latest information. We will often find that our goal or direction on that spiritual path changes as we learn about many different paths of those who came before us. Those who were pioneers in the early days of spiritualism.  The ones who were there in the dawning, realize that there is more to us then just the five senses. Those who heard the knockings on the wall, those who channeled the great truths of the universe even before it was called “channeling”.

The discrimination of information, just as in any profession, any field of endeavor, there are those who pretend to be what they are not. There are those who do not put in the study to truly know of what they teach. WE MUST absolutely learn that everything said is NOT truth. While truth certainly is relative, it is NOT always “FACT”. you must see how it feels or settles within you.

We must be able to discriminate and discern from what is said, what is reality, and what is illusion. We must discriminate whom to believe and whom not to believe. We must be aware of a thousand half-truths that will come along our way.

Know, also, that knowledge can upset any or all previously thought beliefs. Becoming more spiritually educated can most definitely lead to a breaking down of previously existing conditions and thought patterns, The more we learn, the more we find we have to learn. Many times we find we have to “unlearn” previous patterns of behavior and thoughts. We will find that this can upset lives in a major way. While you are studying and learning new ways to behave, new ways to live; the rest of your world, family and friends will very likely think you have “lost it”. We must strive to find a balance, strive to find a spiritual balance, if you will.

Nothing that we learn, nothing that we do, nothing is insignificant, it is all a part of the big picture…the learning experience. It all shapes who we are and what we do with what we have learned.

What is a Psychic Medium?

by Theo — Greek Psychic Medium

So many misconceptions have swirled around this…The difference of a psychic and a medium are as follows, in my terms. A psychic can walk up to (figuratively speaking) the veil or window and peer through, A medium can walk thru that veil or window and converse with the souls on the other side. A trance medium as myself, can walk thru the veil or window, converse with the souls and angels or guides but can allow them to enter the physical body and engage their presence to those around. A Trance-Medium is a person in contact with the spirits and communicates between the living and the dead. A spirit uses the medium’s mind and body to communicate. The medium does not have clear recall of the messages conveyed while in an altered state; such people sometimes work with an assistant. The assistant transcribes the words of the medium as they are delivered.

Sixth generation psychic medium with a long family ancestry of intuitives.

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