Mediumship is the process and ability to communicate between discarnate spirits, angels, guides and living people for providing verifiable information. A medium is defined as a person to be in contact with the spirits of the deceased and to communicate between the living and the dead. The role of the medium is to facilitate communication with spirits who have messages to share. Mediums are able to listen to, relay messages from and relate conversations, with the spirit. They can remain conscious during a communication period, wherein a spirit uses the medium’s mind to communicate. The medium allows ego to step aside for the message to be delivered. The some mediums may at times go into a trance or “leave the body”. In a trance medium state, the voice of the medium may change completely. The spirit answers the questions of those in presence or giving spiritual knowledge. Sometimes an assistant would be present to record the words of the medium.

Theo is available to meet you in person, via phone or over skype.
Mediumship appointments are available for $55.00/30 minutes or
$ 100.00/60 minutes.  Click here to schedule an appointment.

Reading 30min.

Reading 60min.


Sixth generation psychic medium with a long family ancestry of intuitives.

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