Greek Coffee Reading Workshop

What Will the Cup Reveal ?

Join Theo for one of his
Greek Coffee Reading Parties

  • Learn the History and Origins of Coffee Readings
  • What symbols in the cup mean and how to learn to decipher the patterns
  • Eat some authentic Greek Desert!
  • Learn how to make this yummy Greek coffee for yourself!
  • Receive a specially created workbook all about reading the cup by Theo!
  • Get to visit with Theo and ask him your questions

This workshop will enlighten and refresh you. You will see how this tradition has been passed around the Mediterranean cultures. Learn why it’s becoming a rare and dying art of scrying. You will see how the cup is used and how the radius of it is read and deciphered. You will create your own lexicon and your own symbology guide.  Yet so much more.

This has been passed down within Theo’s family, the Greek Coffee Readings known as tasseography. It can be a roadmap to what events may unfold. It can reveal short term or long term in the readings. Just like its sister the tea leaf readings, when the cup is dry you look at the pattern that remains and the images it will show.

*Receive a “Mini Coffee Reading” from Theo**

Note: This is a basic introduction to the subject. It does not make the attendees experts in Greek Coffee Ground Readings.

Limited Seating . *This will be a small group of 12*

Hosted by Keystone Healing Center,
4321 N Keystone Ave, Chicago, IL 60641

Pre-Registration is asked. Cost for the Workshop is $55.

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